Seven Months of The Office Diet

July’s been a great month again for The Office Diet. I’ve switched to posting three times a week rather than five, but this has allowed me to focus on writing really strong content – and I’ve seen lots more people visiting the site and subscribing to the RSS feed.

July’s Highlights

What’s Coming in August?

I have a lot of plans for August …

  • I’m going to be doing some site upgrades to make The Office Diet beautiful to look at and easy to use. I’m planning:
    • A new logo at the top
    • Changing the structure of the Archives to make them easier to browse
    • Changing the search so that you can see more results at once
    • Letting you receive updates by email as well as by RSS
    • Lots of little tweaks to tidy things up!

    If there’s anything else you’d like to see, let me know! (ali@theofficediet.com)

  • The Dieting Basics series has been so successful that I’m going to publish it as an ebook. It’ll have lots of extra information and goodies that aren’t on the site, and will be designed so you can easily print it out if you want to.
  • I plan to guest post a lot more, and will let you know where you can find posts from me other than on The Office Diet! There are so many great health and fitness blogs out there that I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface, so if you’re a diet blogger who’d like a guest post from me, just drop me an email … ali@theofficediet.com

Thanks for being a great bunch of readers, and I hope you’ll be sticking around for many months to come. 🙂


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