Best Desk Accessories To Make You A Healthier Person

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d share a selection of rather weird and wonderful products that I’ve come across online. These are all gadgets and trinkets to keep on or around your desk, as they might help you with your dieting/exercise … and they’re just plain fun!

Is it a spoon? Is it a pen..?

Ever forgotten the spoon for your yoghurt, the knife to spread cream cheese on your roll, or the fork to eat your fruit salad? Just keep a handy set of pen-tips in your desk…

How long till lunch?

If you have trouble waiting till your next snack/meal break, this lifetimer might help. And if you’re trying to lose weight before your next holiday, you can see it counting down the days… a great motivation boost!

My coffee’s gone cold…

If you end up glugging down your tea/coffee too fast because you don’t like it lukewarm, get one of these handy USB cup warmers to keep it at the perfect temperature. It could help you to cut your caffeine intake.

Who nicked my chair?

I’m sure I’d fall off if I tried this, but if you have better co-ordination than me, why not sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair? It’s supposed to be great for your core muscles – and could provide a spot of office amusement during a slow afternoon.

(Image of exercise ball by HckySo)

I love cycling…

If just cycling to work isn’t enough for you, why not cycle at work as well? Pop one of these mini exercise bikes
under your desk, and peddle away!

Fear my balls of power…

The competitive types like me might enjoy the Power Ball. It’s described on the I Want One Of Those site like this:

The top speed possible is 15,000 rpm – though we’ve never made it past 12,000 (wimps), and it exerts the most remarkable forces on your wrist – you really feel like you’ve had an arm workout! Playing with this is an almost guaranteed crowd puller, as everyone will want a go, and be determined to beat everyone else’s highest score.

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