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It’s a while since I’ve shared some of my favourite online articles, so here’s a few links to some that I hope you enjoy.

A KISS Guide to Your Calorie Intake by Drew from Diet Tired.

Servings DO NOT have specific calorie amounts as the calorie content will depend on the specific food item. However, there are some generalizations or estimates that can be made.

For example, a serving size of most fruits and vegetables would provide 50-100 calories. While a serving of meat provides approximately 200 kcal.

Once you have a good grasp of serving sizes they can then be equated to calorie values.

If you find calorie counting a hassle because you’re busy, give this method a try. (Drew also explains what a “serving” is and how it differs from a portion in a previous post.) The whole Diet Tired blog is great, and emphasises healthy eating rather than faddish diets: spend some time checking it out, as if you like The Office Diet, I think you’ll love Drew’s blog.

How To Stop Feeling Pressure To Lose Weight – Drop Those Shoulds! by JoLynn Braley from The Fit Shack

Many people (maybe even you) live with a daily pressure, a feeling that they need to lose weight, that they should lose weight. This pressure might seem to be coming from the outside, from media, family, friends, doctors, but it actually all comes from the inside, from your thoughts and beliefs telling yourself that you need to lose weight.

There’s some really wise words here. I too believe we need to “drop those shoulds”: unless you’re under Doctor’s instructions, there’s no SHOULD about losing weight. If you want more of my thoughts on this, check out one of my recent posts on Diet-Blog: How Do You Talk About Your Diet?

Fun Way to Lose Weight: Turn Dieting Into an RPG by Clive Thompson from Wired.

Why did Weight Watchers work so well? For a really fascinating reason: because it isn’t a normal diet. It’s something more. Something fun.

It’s an RPG.

The Weight Watchers program is designed precisely like a role-playing dungeon crawler. That’s why people love it, stick to it and have success with it.

This article really struck a chord with me because of my mis-spent youth playing online RPGs, and because I’ve used Weight Loss Resources to successfully lose weight (which works in a very similar way to the Weight Watchers’ online system described by Clive.)

Superfoods for the Brain from Vanessa from Megavista:

Your brain performs more tasks than all of your other organs put together. To do this it requires vast amounts of energy and nutrients making it the greediest organ in the body.

I’m always a wee bit sceptical about “superfoods”, but the list here is of great nutritious foods with well-documented benefits. Vanessa also offers some fantastic menu suggestions to easily incorporate them in your diet.

How can you bring the restaurant experience home? by Tim Hayward from The Guardian

1. When you enter your dining room stand nervously waiting until you can show yourself to your table. Be sure to make clear that you don’t actually like the table you’ve selected then assure yourself that it’s the only one available on such a busy night before accepting it – ungraciously. The main advantage of your own dining room is that you always get the best table … and the worst.

This one isn’t strictly speaking dieting-related but it made me laugh. (Especially as, like many people, I’m eating out less at the moment in order to save a few pennies.) Hopefully your usual restaurant experience isn’t quite as bad as Tim’s!

If you have a favourite diet/fitness/food related article online, drop me an email (ali@theofficediet.com) and let me know.


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