Sorry Miss, I forgot my gym kit…

Today, I was having a great morning. I got up early, had plenty of time for breakfast, made a healthy lunch, remembered my cereal bars, grabbed my gym bag and cycled into work.

Then I realised that whilst I had my gym bag, my gym kit was sitting on the floor of my bedroom. This ruled out my lunchtime workout: what could I do instead? Go round the shops? Sit at my desk? Ignore my planned, healthy lunch and join the guys in the office for pizza?

With a bit of encouragement from the friendly folk on the Weight Loss Resources forums, I decided I’d go to the gym anyway, and just walk on the treadmill. (I would normally recommend walking outside and enjoying the fresh air and the view, but I work in Brixton, South London…) Sounds dull, but it wasn’t; I enjoyed having time to just stroll along and let my thoughts drift. And of course I felt much better afterwards than I would have if I’d just sat at my desk blaming myself for being disorganised.

So, if you’ve had one of those “it’s all gone wrong!” moments today, don’t use it as an excuse to give up. Challenge yourself to find a way round it!


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