Stay active even when it’s cold

The last fortnight here in London has been cold – it feels like winter’s suddenly hit! Going out for a midday walk no longer seems so attractive (I made it as far as the local library yesterday and decided the freezing wind and looming grey clouds weren’t worth braving any longer).

So, when the weather outside makes you want to stick in the office all through your lunch break (and brave as little as possible of the outside world during your commute home), how can you keep up your activity levels?

Go to the gym

One of the big advantages of the gym is that it’s sheltered from the elements! Even if you prefer to jog outside during the warmer months, you might like to get gym membership during the winter.

December is a quiet month in the gym, too, with most people using Christmas preparations as an excuse to slack off on exercise. Join now and miss the January rush!

Wrap up warm

Winter walks with your partner or family can be a lot of fun, so long as you wrap up warm. It’s miserable shivering your way through a muddy trudge in the drizzling rain: find jumpers, scarves, gloves, hats — and wear an extra pair of socks.

On the plus side, if it’s chilly out, you’ll probably be motivated to walk a bit faster just to keep warm!

Enjoy winter activities

Some sports and activities are specifically winter-themed. How about heading to an ice-rink (many cities have temporary outdoor ones during December)? Even Christmas shopping can help you stay active as you pound the pavements, and lugging around bags of presents will help tone those arm muscles.

And, of course, if it snows, there’s lots of excitement to be had: release that inner child and enjoy tobogganing, making snowmen and even having snowball fights…

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