7 Indoor Workouts To Stay Active & Fit This Winter

​Winter is here; workout plans were thrown out of the window. Admit it - you lose motivation when it's cold outside. But I get you - who wants to freeze while jogging or cycling outside? 

Here are 7 great ways you can do indoors to stay active in winter:

1. Zen Out

Relax your mind and body while burning calories with yoga. Yoga has been believed to improve strength and flexibility. It also reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue. There are different types of yoga you can try based on your interests or needs. 

Bikram Yoga (also called 'hot yoga') is the most effective kind of yoga to burn calories. In a regular 90-minute session, you can burn 594 calories. Plus, it has also been claimed to restore health to every muscle, joint, and organ of the body.

It's also a great way to warm yourself this winter since it is practiced in a heated room. You don't need to get out of the house to try yoga. With so many free video lessons online, you can try it in the comfort of your own home. 

2. No-Gym Workout

No more excuses to miss a workout - you can workout at home without the use of any equipment. There are simple yet effective ways of burning calories, strengthening your muscles, and improving cardio fitness. One of these is the 30-Minute No-Gym Workout. With its simple steps, you'll not only burn calories, you'll also boost your metabolism - an important thing for weight loss. 

Another workout you can do at home (or everywhere really) is the 50 Bodyweight Exercises. This workout plan has more moves which cover every part of the body. It also effective in improving balance, flexibility, and strength. 

But really, who needs a gym when there's the living floor?

3. Pump It Up

From barre to Zumba to hip-hop, dance workouts have truly evolved over the years. We all know it - treadmills and push-ups are not for everyone. But don't worry, you can still workout by dancing. Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up, lose body fat, and build lean muscle.

There are so many kinds of dance; the most popular ones are hip-hop, salsa, ballet, swing, ballroom, belly dancing, tap, break dancing, folk, and Zumba - all which count as a workout. If you want to burn more calories, opt for dances with big movements like hip hop and choreographed cardio dance workouts

Invite your friends over for a dance party- not only it's fun, it also helps you stay fit.

4. Get Your Skates On

When it comes to losing weight, skating is usually overlooked. Skating may not seem like it, but it actually has so many health benefits. Few of these benefits are strength building, increased muscle endurance, improved cardio fitness and of course - calorie burning.

In every minute spent skating, an average man weighing 190 pounds can burn 10 calories while an average woman weighing 163 pounds can burn 9 calories! You can burn between 300 and 600 calories if you skate for a full hour. Besides from losing weight, you'll also get toned legs, butt, and core. Like, how cool is that? Skating has also been known to help people with stress and anxiety - skating is seriously one of the most fun workouts! 

Skating is also great for the heart. Like, literally good for the heart. The American Heart Organization recognizes skating as an effective aerobic exercise that helps strengthen the heart.

So come on, do yourself and your body a favor - put on your good old skates on and go skating. 

5. Ride It Out

​We all know cycling is a great workout, but not when it's freezing cold outside. Good thing is, there is indoor cycling. Indoor cycling is one of the most popular and hottest workouts right now. It challenges the body to keep pushing. 

Indoor cycling helps you boost muscle endurance, improve heart health, and shed fat. In a one-hour class, you'll be able to burn about 500 to 800 calories (depending on your weight). It also helps in promoting the anaerobic activity in the body by a practice of dramatic heart rate increases which makes the burn more fats. 

Like I said, Indoor Cycling is pretty popular nowadays. Most gyms offer indoor cycling classes.If you don't like the gym, there are also indoor cycling boutiques like Fly Wheel or Soul Cycle.

FUN FACT: Indoor cycling class makes your body release endorphins - also known as the "happy hormones". 

6. Chores

Instead of watching TV, why not do spring cleaning? Believe it or not, doing household chores burn fat. Mopping floors for 30 minutes will burn 112 calories, gardening for 60 minutes burn 256 calories, scrubbing the bath for 30 minutes burns 200 calories - did I convince you enough, now? 

Not only will household chores help you burn calories,it will also tone different parts of your body. Digging in the yard tones the muscles of your arms, calves, thighs, and shoulders while washing your car tones your abdominals and arms. 

If you're on a budget, doing household chores is the cheapest workout you can do this winter (come on, it's free). After all the household work, you only not burn calories, but also achieved something. 

7. Play and Have Fun

If you want something that doesn't feel like working out and something you can do with the kids, go out of the house and play. Burning calories don't always have to feel like a workout. 

After the fresh snowfall, go build a snowman with kids (burns 285 calories per hour). Lay on the ground and make snow angels (burns 214 calories per hour). Or even go crazy and have a snowball fight (burns 319 calories per hour). 

Even with playing, you can still burn calories and have an excellent cardio session. 

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