Stick to your diet: avoid temptation while at work

Do you go into work each morning, promising yourself that you’ll be good and avoid the vending machine, corner shop, greasy canteen food and the humungous lattes from the local coffee place?

And do you find that, by five o’clock, you’ve succumbed … yet again?

Of course, there’s always a good excuse:

What if you could guarantee resisting that temptation to buy a coffee/chocolate bar/doughnut … every time? What if you could be certain that you’d stick to your packed lunch of sandwiches rather than heading to McDonald’s?

No, I’m not going to give you some motivational self-help waffle. I have one very simple practical tip: leave all your change and cash cards at home. If you don’t have 50p for the vending machine, you can’t get chocolate – however much you might think you need it. And if it’s sandwiches or starve, you’ll eat that healthy lunch you prepared.

And even better, you can save a bit of money every week to treat yourself to something you really want.

(Image above by Rogue Soul)


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