Taking up or giving up for Lent – how did you get on?

Lent is almost over, and many people will soon be celebrating the end to weeks of no-alcohol or no-chocolate. Others may have taken up jogging, journaling, eating more fruit and veg, or many other good habits.

If you gave something up…

Did you give up anything for Lent this year? How did it go? Even if you didn’t make it the whole way through Lent without chocolate/cigarettes/swearing or whatever your favourite vice is, be proud that you made the attempt.

If you were successful, is it something you want to continue to cut out for the next few months too? Or can you now enjoy it in greater moderation? When I gave up alcohol for Lent one year, I did drink again afterwards – but in much more sensible quantities.

If you took something up…

Were you able to stick with it?

As I posted at the start of Lent, I took up writing a what was better about today list. Sometimes I did end up scribbling it down a day or two afterwards, but I managed to write something for each day. Even when I had one particularly awful day at work and my list started with “Didn’t actually cry in the office…”

Is your new habit one that you can continue long-term, perhaps in slightly modified form? I don’t think I’ll keep a list every single day, but I’m definitely going to write it once or twice a week.

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