Three Great Diet and Fitness Blogs To Enjoy

These blogs have all been sources of amusement, encouragement and inspiration with my own diet. I’ve had them in my blogroll (down on the bottom left) for a while, but thought I’d give them a bigger mention…

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl tops the list, for being an amazing story of what can be achieved given time and determination. Shauna has lost half her body weight – and travelled half way across the globe – during her adventures, and I reviewed her book earlier this year.

Diet Blog, which I write regularly for, has been on my list of favourite blogs for a long time. There’s usually a couple of posts every weekday. The blog is run by Jim Foster, but has contributions from a number of writers. I’m always learning something new there!

Cranky Fitness is a slightly snarky take on the world of fitness and health. “Crabby McSlacker” and her compatriot “Merry” write entertaining and informative pieces, several times a week. I particularly like their random Friday posts…

(Laptop photo above by migs212)

What are your favourite blogs on weight-loss, health and fitness? Do you have your own blog? Let me know (ali@theofficediet.com) – I’m always looking for new blogs to read and review!


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