Three ways to boost your weight loss plans this weekend

Take stock

The start of a new month is always a good time to list what you’ve achieved. Whether you made January resolutions or have been aiming for a healthier life for many months, look at how far you’ve come so far.

Find fifteen minutes this weekend where you can sit down and write a list of your accomplishments. If you can’t think of anything, try the following as starters:

  • My life is better because I …
  • I’ve learnt that …
  • A bad habit I’ve broken is …

Get moving

Go exploring this weekend – find somewhere new to walk around. Take your partner or family, go adventuring with a friend, or just have a peaceful stroll accompanied by your own thoughts.

If the weather is truly miserable, roll up your sleeves, stick some music on, and get stuck into some chores. I’ve been putting off cleaning the bathroom for weeks but it’s finally getting to a state where even the Boyfriend has noticed the grime … time for some scrubbing! And housework can burn a few extra calories:

Exercise Duration Calories
Hoovering 30 mins 76
Ironing 60 mins 90
Laundry 30 mins 47
Scrubbing floors 15 mins 73

Have fun!

Don’t let your weekend become an endless string of must-dos and should-dos. Take some time out for something that’s pure fun – a meal with friends, a trip to the cinema, or curling up in an armchair with a favourite novel. If you lead a hectic and busy life, some downtime is absolutely crucial – and we all deserve a break now and then.

Enjoy your weekend!


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