Weekend reading from other Office Dieters

I’ve been reading lots of fantastic articles discussing, bemoaning or tackling office-diet-centric issues … so there’s some great pieces for you to browse this weekend:

Walking to work brings new dilemmas from The Guardian Newspaper

I have also been walking to work and back every day – 45 minutes each way, at a pace – and have therefore encountered the many issues associated with doing that most sensible thing: integrating exercise into your working day. For instance, should you wear a specific exercise outfit while doing it, then change into your work clothes when you get there?

I’m really enjoying Kira’s weight-loss series, and she tackles one of those familiar problems to The Office Diet’s readers: fitting exercise around the work day. Walking to/from work is a great idea, but if you’re looking for other ways, try my article:
Exercising before and after work, and Squeezing exercise into your lunch hour.)

Weight Loss on the Job from Health has no Fury

Do you ever feel like jumping off a cliff when you think of eating healthy? Today is one of those days. I woke up already knowing that it would be a struggle. While I love feeling great and losing weight, I’m not perfect. I still have days where you literally have to drag me to the gym. I’ll admit — trying to balance work, a social life and a healthy lifestyle has become mind numbing.

Good, practical tips for office maintainers — those of us who’ve lost weight and don’t want to regain it! I’m definitely in agreement about bringing your own lunch, too … my article on office lunches has some ideas for bringing your own, as well as tips on what to do when you have to eat out.

The credit lunch: tasty recipes to get you through the week from The Guardian Newspaper

One of the first things to go after a financial re-assessment is the daily trip to the sandwich shop … We’ve provided a week’s menu of delicious lunch recipes – each day’s suggestion will feed two people, so rope in your housemate, colleague or partner. You’ll need a budget of £20 a week for both of you (compared with up to £50 for nipping out every day) and the dishes require a bare minimum of skill and time to create.

There’s some tasty, and cheapish, packed lunch ideas here — though I’m disconcerted that crudites and dips counts as a whole meal! If you want a really simple, cheap and easy shopping list try 17 ingredients, 6 sandwiches, 10 days of fantastic, healthy, lunches. It shows just how cheap it can be to eat lunch on a budget.

Swamped? Try the Okefenokee diet from Cranky Fitness

Set limits on how much crap I will take in one day. Most stressful is having several people pile things on my back. One manager I can train deal with, three or four bossy bosses… no. This is the tricky part. If you bitch too loud, you’ll end up on the street. If you bitch too little, you can get overloaded, stress out, and end up in a room with padded walls.

Great tips from Merry, over on Cranky Fitness, about dealing with work-related stress and managing to stay sane and eat healthily regardless. (If you feel like you’re drowning in emails and projects, you might also like my article How healthy habits keep your stress levels down.)

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