Weekend reading – some different and unusual articles

(Happy Hallowe’en to you all! If you’re having trouble resisting that tempting bowl of mini chocolate bars, then you might want to read Resist Hallowe’en treats…)I’ve been reading some great articles around the blogosphere recently, and thought I’d link to a few for you to enjoy too! This time, I’m going for articles which are a bit different from the usual run of quick weight loss and exercise tips…

Lucid Dreaming For Slackers on Cranky Fitness is a really fascinating read. I’ve been keen to try out lucid dreaming for a while but it always seemed like way too much effort. This is the Crabby McSlacker way! (If you’re wondering what the heck “lucid dreaming” is, it’s nothing too wacky – it just means being aware you’re dreaming whilst you’re asleep, and being able to control your dream.)

The cool thing: it’s a learnable skill. There’s a set of steps to follow, and if you do them, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually start having dreams where you’re aware you’re in a dream and you even get to control what happens.

The Skinny of Raw Food, a guest post on A Daring Adventure is another interesting one. My scepticism about anything that would involve not eating chocolate knows no bounds, so this was a great piece that dealt with a good few preconceptions I had about raw foodists.

Obviously if an apple has been burnt to a crisp there’s not going to be much goodness left. Eating raw is just taking that to the other end of the logical extreme – the closer to just being picked (or fallen!) from the tree, the better it’s going to be for your body.

What’s Holding You Back on The BridgeMaker was a very insightful read for me. I still have some hang-ups about body image and self-esteem, even though I’ve been a healthy weight – and reasonably fit – for years. This piece helped me pinpoint why.

Leave the Past Behind. What happened in the past must stay in the past. It can not define your present value or worth unless you allow it. When you make the choice to move forward, you are also making the decision to live in this moment, in the here and now. Consider what’s ahead; what’s next in your life and place your energy in discovering more of that. 

Hope you enjoy those pieces as much as I did!

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