Welcome to The Office Diet – and good luck!

It’s the start of 2008, and no doubt, after the Christmas festivities and New Year parties, your thoughts – like mine – have turned from presents, mince pies and chocolate to the year ahead.

If, like so many people, you want to live more healthily this year, you’re in the right place. The Office Diet is a brand new site aimed at anyone facing the challenge of living healthily despite leading a busy life. I’ll be concentrating on office workers – diet advice in magazines is often aimed at stay-at-home mums, but “five fabulous lunches” which require a stove, three pans and two hours to prepare aren’t really so useful when you only have time to grab a sandwich.

I’ll focus on simple, sensible tips and ideas to help you achieve your goals. I successfully lost three and a half stone over the past few years and kept it off despite a full-time office job. The About page tells you a bit more about me and this site.

Check back each weekday for a new update: tips, hints, stories to make you laugh, inspiration and new ideas for fitting healthy eating and exercise into your life.


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