What new habits are you establishing in your diet or exercise routines?

Have you established any new habits yet this year? If you started on January 1st, you’re hopefully well on your way by now.

Dieting and exercise are much easier when they’re a natural part of life. My boyfriend’s been making a real effort to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day, this year: he’s mentioned how snacking on fruit has simply become “a habit” now. At dinner time in the evenings, he’ll put some thought into including enough vegetables to meet his daily target.

A couple of years ago, I got used to drinking six-to-eight glasses of water a day. I notice now that I’m naturally thirstier than I used to be: partly because I do more exercise, but partly because I’ve trained my body and mind to want more water. I tend to carry a bottle around with me when I’m out, and always have a glass of water on the go at work.

If you’ve not set up any good habits yet, you might want to look on Diet Blog at my recent guest post Ways to eat more healthily at work for ideas of habits you might like to try!


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