Why boiled sweets could help your diet

Do you find those chocolates/cookies/doughnuts in the office almost irresistible? Maybe it’s impossible to resist something sweet mid-afternoon, and you always end up caving in and having one – then feeling guilty.

My snack-saviour tip of the week is to get a few boiled sweets and keep them to hand. Don’t go mad with them, but when you’re thinking “I really want chocolate”, pop a sweet into your mouth instead. They usually last 10-15 minutes, which may well be long enough for the chocolate craving to fade.

Try getting some of your childhood favourites – lemon sherbets, pear drops, cola cubes, humbugs, buttercreams … whatever you fancy! If you just buy a few at a time, you won’t be tempted to eat them constantly all day.

It’s not just me who finds this a helpful diet tip: I remember reading a couple of years ago about a study on taxi drivers in the UK which showed that eating boiled sweets could help their weight loss.

My one caveat is to be careful how loudly you suck your sweet – enthusiastic smacking of your lips may not go down well with the rest of your office … or may prompt them to ask for some of your sweetie stash!

(Image above by David Reeves)


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