Yaz – Week 1

Yaz’s Diary

Day one

For breakfast I had a dried fried egg and slice of toast. I went shopping and bought pitta breads, salad, low fat cheese spread and fruit for my week day lunches. During the day went very well but it was my sister’s 30th so I had a curry and cream cake for dinner! But I had the lentils with plain rice on a small plate instead of on a dinner plate. For the first time in a long time I didn’t go to bed feeling uncomfortably full.Day two

We had a lunch meeting at work today. Sandwiches and rolls were on offer; I tried to pick the healthiest looking ones but couldn’t resist the chocolate mousse dessert. I didn’t get home from work until 8pm so had some pasta and pesto. I think my portion may have been a little too big. But after I’d eaten I didn’t raid the cupboards for snacks.

I went running today. About 20 minutes in, my ankles became really sore; I tried to run/walk through it but couldn’t. By the end I was in so much pain I was hobbling.

Day three

The Weekend: I managed to stick to it all day and then had a McDonalds in the evening whilst out. I’m really disappointed with myself.

Day four

For lunch I made a huge pasta salad. It was delicious. In the evening I finally got around to cooking one of Rosemary Conley’s recipes; low fat shepherd’s pie. I had a pomegranate and banana as snacks. Once again I went to bed without feeling horribly full.

Day five

Breakfast: No time for breakfast so I grabbed a granola and yoghurt pot from Marks and Spencer.
I went out for lunch with one of my colleagues today. She is what I think is known as an ‘enabler’. Whenever we go out we eat! The annoying thing is that she eats like a horse and doesn’t put on any weight. We went to Wagamamas, which is a Japanese restaurant. I think the food is quite healthy but the portions are huge. I had a clear soup with noodles. I promised myself that I would have something really light for dinner but ended up having home made lentils and rice. I went to bed feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Never again!

Day six

I didn’t have time for breakfast so I had a banana and a mandarin, which actually did the job. I’m trying not to eat until I’m full, but eat until I’m satisfied. For lunch I had my pitta, salad and cheese. I can’t believe how delicious it is! I snacked on the fruit I’d bought on day one.
Dinner was salmon with garlic butter and vegetables. I did try to pick the part with the least butter. Because I work such long hours it’s sometimes easier to eat what’s already prepared at home then to cook. But I have to get out of this habit or try to get my other half to cook healthier things. But once again I didn’t raid the cupboards afterwards.

Day seven

Someone brought in pastries today and I had one.
For dinner I had grilled salmon with new potatoes and vegetables. It only took 15 minutes to cook. I have no idea why we always assume takeaways are the quickest and easiest.

Weigh day

11st 1lb
I’ve lost 2lbs, which is my weekly target.
I’ve been really disappointed with myself this week. I did eat a lot less than I normally do but I didn’t stick to the rules I’d set up for myself at the beginning of the week. Normally someone would expect to lose a lot more weight in their first week.

This week I’m going to aim to follow the rules to the letter and try running again. I haven’t told anyone at work that I’m trying to lose weight; I think I will today. That way, hopefully, I’ll feel too embarrassed to accept the Millie’s Cookies that will be going around this week. And my ‘enabler’ won’t want to go out for big lunches or offer to get me the cheese and marmite Panini from Starbuck’s.

The Office Diet Says

Yaz is being really hard on herself after what looks like a good first week. We all need to take time away from dieting to enjoy special occasions – such as birthdays – and many people find it easier to stick to healthy-eating long term if they have a few treats at the weekends.

It’s great that Yaz is experimenting with new recipes, though the dinners she already cooks – grilled salmon with new potatoes and veg or rice and lentils – are great options. My main recommendation would be to weigh everything, especially dried pasta and rice. Many people are shocked to find what they considered a “healthy” portion is two or three times larger than it should be.

Making the decision to tell your colleagues that you’re on a diet is difficult: I hope Yaz will meet with lots of support from hers. And resisting those cookies and pastries in the office will be easier if she manages to make time for breakfast every day.

I think Yaz should be proud of herself for a good first week, and especially for the following points from her diary:
– She realised that it needn’t take long to prepare a healthy meal
– She ate until satisfied rather than until stuffed
– She knows she can’t blame other people (such as her colleagues, or other half) for making her “fail”
– She lost two pounds: a great start!

We’ll hear from Yaz again next week. And tomorrow I’ll be posting about keeping a diet diary, exercise log or healthy living journal, for all those who want to try this themselves.


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